Process T.O.V.A. Test Credit Orders

If your T.O.V.A. computer is not connected to the internet or online credit ordering doesn't work for you, use this page to order credits from your phone or another computer.

  1. Run the T.O.V.A. application and click 'Credits'.
  2. Enter the number of credits to order, and click 'Order credits'.
  3. Confirm the order and the Offline Ordering window will appear with the information to enter on this page.
  4. Enter your information below and click 'Order'. If the order is successful, a green field will appear with your authorization codes.
  5. Copy your authorization codes into the Offline Ordering window and click 'OK' to complete the order.

If your order is successful, the T.O.V.A. application will display a message with your updated credit count. If it does not, please contact T.O.V.A. customer service.

Serial number:

Order number:

Ordering code(s):